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Nikita Mikhailov edited this page May 23, 2017 · 4 revisions
  • There is TextConstants component, which provides pretranslated strings. (all default themes use it)

  • You can help us translate it to more languages, see this commit

  • There is support for theme-specific translations:

  • All strings should be wrapped with qsTr()

  • TranslationsDirectory property in metadata.desktop should be set. (eg. translations)

  • TranslationsDirectory should contain compiled(*.qm) translation files

  • *.qm files should be named as xx_YY.qm of xx.qm, where xx - language code, YY - country code

  • Tools to use: lupdate - to generate source(*.ts) translation files, lrelease - to generate compiled(*qm) translation files, linguist - to edit/compile source translation files.

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