Python wrappers for Tsyganenko's geomagnetic field fortran routines
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Tsyganenko - Python examples.ipynb

Tsyganenko Geomagnetic Field Model: Python wrappers


Though edits had to be made to the fortran code to accomodate f2py compilation, all fortran files and their scientific content have been developped by N.A. Tsyganenko and colleagues.

I am only responsible for the python wrappers, which provide a convenient python class as an interface with the fortran subroutines.


To install the Tsyganenko python module, from this directory run:

cd tsyganenko
make clean
cd ..
sudo python install


To use this module, simply follow the example provided in the tsygTrace object docstring.

import tsyganenko

You can also use ipython notbook to visualize a more detailed example.

ipython notebook --pylab=inline

If you run the above command from this repository you should see a notebook called 'Tsyganenko - Python examples'. If you run the above command from anywhere on your computer, you can drag and drop the file called 'Tsyganenko - Python examples.ipynb' to the notebok dashboard.