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SD Element Tools: A collection of SD Elements integration tools built around SD Elements API.
Python C



  • Python 2.4+

This project is intended to be ultra lightweight, and portable. The only requirement is to have Python 2.4+ installed.

The console usage

The command line tool to run SD Elements integration modules. Use python help to see usage and python help <cmd> to see usage for specific module.

The package usage

import sdetools'api_proxy', {'api_func': 'get_applications'})

SDE Library (sdelib/)

A light weight library that provides an interface to SD Elements RESTful API.

  • apiclient: The base API provider for calls to SD Elements.

  • interactive_plugin: This module provides the interactive experience needed for the SDE Lint tool and other similar usecases. This includes:

    • Password collection and retry
    • Application selection
    • Project selection
  • conf_mgr: Configuration Manager provides support for parsing command line arguments, reading variables from config file, and allows for extended options to be defined for each usecase.

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