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WhatsOpen (whatsopen.csh.rit.edu)

As a college student, I don't plan my days in advance. I do whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like. If I think to myself "I want to shove semi-nutritious grey matter into my mouth hole," I don't want to wade through garbage information on the ugly and non-functional dining services webpage just to find out what places are open, and I certainly don't want to figure out what time it is or, God forbid, do math to figure out how much time I have left to get there.

What I want is a place that tells me what is open now, and for how long they will stay open. And that's it. I don't care about things that are already closed. I refuse to navigate farther than the homepage for something so simple. This is made for me. Use it if you want.


After several (incomplete) iterations of whatsopen, in multiple languages, I finally settled on making a RESTful API in Haskell using Servant, using the Warp web server and the Shakespeare templating engine. The frontend is written in Twitter Bootstrap using Ben Centra's bootstrap-csh for the CSH colors.

The separate backend means that all of the calculation and datastorage can be separated from the frontend, that way if someone else wants to invest in their future laziness like I did, they can get json based information on whatsopen right now, and probably some other stuff, and use it in their own thing.

All hours are stored in the database by having generic hours for each week, and then having a table of exceptions, like holiday hours.


Currently, the API has two calls -

  • GET / - returns an array of JSON objects corresponding to open locations, with name, location, openFor, and openTill fields.
  • GET /open/{timestamp} - returns a list of open locations much like /, except for a specific time instead of the current time.
  • GET /stores - returns a list of locations we have information for

I am planning on adding these calls eventually -

  • GET /hours/{location} - returns the hours of a particular location. This should probably only include the general hours, rather than any special holiday hours associated with the location.
  • GET /hours/{location}/{timestamp} - returns an array of the hours on this day for this location
  • GET /stores/{location} - returns information about a particular store. I'm not sure yet of the scope of information that should be included in this. I think given the /hours/{location} call this should just include general information about the location.
  • A whole host of POST, PUT, and DELETE calls to go along with an admin page so I can stop inputing hours by hand into my db.


The timestamp mentioned in the API calls are structured like this - YYMMDDHHMM

In particular, I use the Haskell time library's parser with the format string "%y%m%d%H%M"

Get Developin'

If for some contrived reason you want to help develop whatsopen, here are the instructions to do it.

I use stack for building and running the project. Run

stack install
PORT=8000 whatsopenapi

and you will get whatopen running on port 8000.