An experiment about udp throughput in node.js.
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The app will start an UDP-server, which listens for packages with the format ";". It creates buckets for every key and stores all if it's received values. On every request, the server will check if there are buckets, which have been idle for a specific time (currently 30 seconds). Furthermore it checks, if the bucket has more than a specified amount (default 100) of values and if the bucket was alive longer than it's ttl (default 30 minutes). Every restriction can be edited in the bucket.js. If one of those restrictions match, the bucket will be serialized into a logfile. There will be one logfile for every hour inside the logs-folder, so every expired bucket will be appended to that file. The format of the serialization is:

<current timestamp>;<key>;<value1>;<value2>;...;<valueX>\n

Run the script via:

npm install
node app.js

Run the tests via:

npm test

Send the server some data:

echo -n "key;value" | netcat -u -c localhost 2323