Rust Version Manager
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A version manager for rust.


curl -L | sh


wget -qO- | sh

for fish-shell users

ln -s ~/.rsvm/ ~/.config/fish/functions


echo "source ~/.rsvm/" >> ~/.config/fish/


Show the help messages. Choose the one that you like most.

rsvm help
rsvm --help
rsvm -h

Download and install a <version>. <version> could be for example "0.12.0".

rsvm install <version>
e.g.: rsvm install 0.12.0

Activate <version> for now and the future.

rsvm use <version>
e.g. rsvm use 0.12.0

List all installed versions of rust. Choose the one that you like most.

rsvm ls
rsvm list

List all versions of rust that are available for installation.

rsvm ls-remote

Print a channel version of rust that is available for installation.

rsvm ls-channel stable

Example: Install 0.12.0

curl | sh
source ~/.rsvm/
rsvm install 0.12.0
rsvm use 0.12.0

# you will now be able to access the rust binaries:
~ ∴ rustc -v
rustc 0.12.0
host: x86_64-apple-darwin

~ ∴ cargo -h
Usage: cargo <cmd> [options] [args..]

~ ∴ rustdoc -h
Usage: rustdoc [options] <cratefile>

Running the tests

RSVM is tested with bats. Install like this:

git clone
cd bats
./ /usr/local

Inside the rsvm repository do this:

bats test/


Hereby placed under MIT license.