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updateAttributes for tables without primary keys

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sdepold committed Jan 15, 2013
1 parent 5a1631e commit 75c906a96a2aa10b9225125f71a17fe119bf0bd2
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- [BUG] fixed wrong version in sequelize binary
- [BUG] local options have higher priority than global options (thanks to guersam)
- [BUG] fixed where clause when passing an empty array (thanks to kbackowski)
+- [BUG] fixed updateAttributes for models/tables without primary key (thanks to durango)
- [FEATURE] added association prefetching for find and findAll
- [FEATURE] it's now possible to use callbacks of async functions inside migrations (thanks to mphilpot)
- [FEATURE] improved comfort of sequelize.query. just pass an sql string to it and wait for the result

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