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Patches are welcome. The easiest way to contribute to Manos is to fork the project on github and open a pull request once your patch is ready.

Its highly appreciated if all new features include unit tests. Preferably nunit tests that are added to the Manos.Tests.dll assembly.

Before starting a new task its best to email the mailing list to ensure that no one else is working on the same feature.

Unit Testing Practices

Its very important that the unit tests are clear and as singular as possible in their purpose. Tests methods should obey the following structure:

public void <Name of method being tested>_<conditions of test>_<expected result>

For example:

public void Ctor_NullName_Throws ()
    Should.Throw<ArgumentNullException> (() => new HttpCookie (null, "value"));

Test methods should also only have a single assert condition. Don't test for multiple things in a single test. Something like this would be considered bad:

public void Ctor_ValidValues_AddsPair ()
    var name = "foobar";
    var value = "the value";

    var cookie = new HttpCookie (name, value);
    Assert.AreEqual (1, cookie.Values.Count);
    Assert.AreEqual ("the value", cookie.Values ["foobar"]);

That should be split up into two different tests.