@spderosso spderosso released this Feb 9, 2018 · 32 commits to master since this release

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  • more info on gl commit and gl publish output
  • use the branch name in the to create a new branch do gl branch -c help message of gl switch (thanks to @katrinleinweber)
  • relicense from GPLv2 to MIT (thanks to all the contributors that replied to my email 👍 )
  • improve help message (gl -h) (thanks to @techtonik)
  • remove -o option from gl diff and gl commit. To specify a list of files to commit simply list them (i.e., instead of gl diff -o foo do gl diff foo) (thanks to @techtonik)
  • remove the using-upstream-branch warning on gl publish (thanks to @dogweather)
  • gl checkout now does a recursive checkout of all files under a directory if a directory is given as input
  • internal: fix travis and appveyor (thanks to @techtonik, @embs )
  • add testing instructions to readme (thanks to @embs)