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INSTALL for sdhash
recent versions of sdhash has been tested on the following platforms:
Fedora Core 17 64 bit
Ubuntu 12.04LTS 64 bit
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
As of sdhash 3.1 we are moving to 64-bit capable -sse4.2 processors
only -- in order to take advantage of dramatically faster comparison rates.
Windows 7 32 and 64-bit
32-bit windows will be supported for a short amount of time via creative
64-bit gpu program requires nvidia drivers but no toolkit.
See INSTALL.macosx and for non-linux build
and installation notes.
Check for openssl-devel (fedora) or libssl-dev (ubuntu) package.
make install (as root)
For the server:
Install apache thrift 0.8.0 - we have a .deb package for ubuntu.
make server
make install-server
For the GPU version:
the CUDA toolkit is required to build, and nvidia drivers are necessary to run.
cd sdhash-gpu ; make
openssl development libraries.
pthreads development library
openmp library -- generally installed
g++ - will work all the way down to 4.2 -- but try to use later versions
g++ - which includes -sse4.2 compatibilty.
google protocol buffers includes and library - I was using 2.5 here
See manpage for usage of sdhash. By default we install into /usr/local/bin
and this can be changed in the Makefile or with make DESTDIR=dir