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The main goal of this project is to create a system-independent MathML
rendering engine in Python. This engine works with an abstract
'plotter' driver class, that can be subclassed for any rendering
device needed.

This is still in alpha development stage, so only a subset of MathML
is supported.

The mathml directory contains a module that:
	- Is operating system independent;
	- Is graphics device independent;
	- Is XML parser independent;
	- Has no dependencies whatsoever (except Python >= 2.2.1, of course).

So, there really is no reason not to reuse this code.

The file libxml2_mathml_parser implements an MathML parser on top of
the mathml module, using libxml2.  Support for other XML parsers/APIs,
such as SAX or DOM, can be added too.

The test program,, implements a Gtk+ based (gdk/pango)
renderer.  You only need PyGTK 1.99.x and libxml2 python module to
run it.

So, you see, the idea is that the mathml module will remain forever
without external dependencies, but a lot of system-dependent software
can be built on top of it.

Support for MathML editing is planned, but will take time to implement.