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Preprocessor for Python tutorials
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Preprocessor for Python interactive shell sessions.

Turns this:

x = 3
y = 4
>>> print x + y

Into this:

>>> x + y

Which renders into html:

<div class="highlight">
        <span class="gp">&gt;&gt;&gt;</span>
        <span class="k">print</span>
        <span class="n">x</span>
        <span class="o">+</span>
        <span class="n">y</span>
        <span class="go">7</span>

Or to LaTeX:

\PY{g+gp}{\PYZgt{}\PYZgt{}\PYZgt{} }\PY{k}{print} \PY{n}{x} \PY{o}{+} \PY{n}{y}

Goal is to build a Python shell preprocessor that can integrate with the the pandoc ecosystem for building Python tutorials portable to any format.

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