JavaScript code generation plugin for StarUML diagramming tool.
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JavaScript code generation plugin for StarUML diagramming tool.


There are several ways to install an extension into StarUML.

StarUML Extension Repository

StarUMLJS is part of the StarUML offical extension repository. Open the extension manager (Tools -> Extension Manager) and install the JavaScript extension.


Note, installing from GitHub will give whatever is at the HEAD of the master branch. This is not guarenteed to be stable.

  • Open the StarUML extension manager (Tools -> Extension Manager).
  • In the bottom left corner of the pop window select "Install from URL"
  • Enter the following URL:
  • You may have to reload StarUML or just restart to the application.

Current Status

  • Currently supports one way generation of JS code from a UML model.
  • Uses the standard prototype JS definition of a "class"

Supported UML Concepts

  • The tool currently supports a subset of the StarUML model:

    • Classes
    • Methods of classes (all treated as public)
    • Attributes of classes
    • Class Documentation
    • Method Documentation
    • Method Specification
    • Method Precondition
    • Method Postcondition
    • Method Parameters
    • Dependencies
    • Direct Association
    • Generalization


  • Please contribute, this project is by no means complete and is currently not stable.
  • Open dev tasks are:
    • Reverse code engineering
    • Other "class" definition styles
    • More advanced UML concept support

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