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Help I think I found a bug!
If you find a bug in QGIS, you can report it using the QGIS ticket/bug database at:
Some hints about when you should file a bug:
- just because a bug is filed doesn't always mean we can or will fix it.
Sometimes people ask for things that will require many man hours to do and
offer little reward to work ratio benefit when compared to the other issues
in the queue. Also some things are simply not fixable due to whatever
technical reason.
- sometimes we don't fix a bug because the user's vision of how QGIS should
behave doesn't match ours. Hey we are all humans it can happen...
- always check that your bug has not already been filed by someone else since
dealing with duplicate tickets causes a lot of time wasting.
- always provide contact details and make sure you are subscribed to the
ticket entry (either by adding yourself to CC field or by logging in before
filing the ticket).
- don't be offended if we don't see tickets as having the same priority as you
do. While we appreciate it's inconvenient if some issue prevents you doing
your work, we need to take the big picture view of things and focus on
things that affect the largest proportion of our user base.