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This file documents the code provenance review for QGIS as part of the
OSGEO incubation process and should remain in the QGIS source tree. It
should not be included in release packages.
This file is in MediaWiki format for inclusion on the OSGEO wiki.
Note the authoritative copy of this document is stored in the QGIS repository.
= Committers Past and Present =
dassau - Otto Dassau
ersts - Peter Ersts
g_j_m - Gavin Macaulay
godofredo - Godofredo Contreras
gsherman - Gary Sherman
homann - Magnus Homann
hoshi - Masaru Hoshi
jef - Jürgen Fischer
jobi - Jens Oberender
larsl - Lars Luthman
leo.lami - Leonardo Lami
mcoletti - Mark Coletti
mhugent - Marco Hugentobler
morb_au - Brendan Morley
perrygeo - Matthew Perry
rabla/rblazek - Radim Blazek
rawbytes - Denis Antipov
sbr00pwb - Peter Brewer
shalasz/stevehalasz - Steve Halasz
spoerri - Christoph Spoerri
StevenB - Steven Bell
telwertowski - Tom Elwertowski
timlinux - Tim Sutton
warmerdam - Frank Warmerdam
what_nick - Tisham Dhar
wonder - Martin Dobias
= Outstanding Issues =
No issues were discovered in the code review. All external code was
examined to make sure there were no license problems (see below).
= Included Libraries =
The following libraries are used in QGIS:
* GSL (optional)
* Qt
* PostgreSQL (optional)
* Python (optional)
* GRASS (optional)
* PyQt (optional)
* Sip (optional)
* Sqlite3
= Source Code Review =
All non-generated source files were manually reviewed for copyright and
license statements, as well as potential issues. This constituted a
review of 364 implementation files (.cpp and .cc), 378 header files
(.h), and 21 Python scripts in the src directory and its subdirectories:
Where copyright and/or GPL license statement were missing, it was added
after ensuring it was appropriate. All code within the project is
licensed under the GPL or LGPL, version 2.
== External Source Files ==
The following files are included in the QGIS source tree from external
sources. The source, license, and copyright are noted for each.