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Commits on Sep 28, 2012
  1. @brushtyler
Commits on Sep 27, 2012
  1. @jef-n
  2. @timlinux

    Merge pull request #248 from slarosa/master

    timlinux committed
    Several fixes and added for python console
  3. @jef-n

    Merge pull request #251 from sdikiy/work

    jef-n committed
    fix windows build
  4. @jef-n

    german translation update

    jef-n committed
  5. fix windows build

  6. @blazek

    Pyramids problem GDAL ticket

    blazek committed
  7. @blazek

    building pyramids crash fix

    blazek committed
  8. @slarosa

    Improved the console toolbar

    slarosa committed
    - added menu for class import
    - added menu for open/save script
    - update help and Italian translate
  9. @timlinux
  10. @blazek

    wcs cache option

    blazek committed
  11. @jef-n
  12. @blazek
  13. @timlinux
  14. @timlinux
  15. @timlinux
  16. @timlinux
  17. @timlinux
  18. @homann

    Merge swedish translations

    homann committed
Commits on Sep 26, 2012
  1. @slarosa

    Added keys binding to view the command history

    slarosa committed
    - added new command to clear completely the command history
    - fixed copy,cut command in keyPressEvent more minor problems
    - update for help
    - update for Italian translate
  2. @homann

    3000 översättningar

    homann committed
  3. @blazek
  4. @blazek

    reverted raster reprojection matrix size, Magnus Homann wrote: Ooops,…

    blazek committed
    … that wasn't supposed to go in the commit
  5. @jef-n

    more sip fixes

    jef-n committed
  6. @jef-n

    sip fixes

    jef-n committed
  7. @blazek

    additional wcs test params

    blazek committed
  8. @timlinux
  9. @timlinux
  10. @timlinux

    Added test which shows failure in composer substitution if passing in…

    timlinux committed
    … a QString containing a degree symbol. Test is marked as expected to fail for now.
  11. @blazek
  12. @timlinux
  13. @timlinux
  14. @timlinux
  15. @jef-n
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