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@sdispater sdispater released this 08 May 20:11
· 228 commits to master since this release


  • Added years and months support to durations.
  • Added the test_local_timezone() and set_local_timezone() helpers to ease testing.
  • Added support of ISO 8601 duration parsing.
  • Added support of ISO 8601 interval parsing.
  • Added a local() helper.
  • Added a naive() helper and a naive() method.
  • Added support for POSIX specification to extend timezones DST transitions.


  • Pendulum class has been renamed to DateTime.
  • Interval class has been renamed to Duration.
  • Changed and improved the timezone system.
  • Removed the create() helper.
  • Removed the utcnow() helper.
  • strict keyword argument for parse has been renamed to exact.
  • at() now supports setting partial time.
  • local, utc and is_dst are now methods rather than properties (is_local(), is_utc(), is_dst()).
  • Changed the repr of most common objects.
  • Made the strict keyword argument for parse false by default, which means it will not fallback on the dateutil parser.
  • Improved performances of the precise_diff() helper.
  • The alternative formatter is now the default one.
  • set_to_string_format()/reset_to_string_format() methods have been removed.
  • from_format() now uses the alternative formatter tokens.
  • Removed xrange() method of the Period class and made range() a generator.
  • New locale system which uses CLDR data for most of the translations.
  • diff_for_humans() now returns a few seconds where appropriate.
  • Removed Period.intersect().