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Steffen Beisenherz edited this page Oct 11, 2022 · 15 revisions

I'm located in Russia and SDKMAN always reports that the Internet is not available. Is the service down?

Unfortunately the Russian authorities have blocked all access to Digital Ocean, the cloud platform where our services are hosted. If you are having this issue and find yourself in Russia, we recommend that you use a VPN or proxy in order to use SDKMAN on your machine.

I'm not seeing version XXX of my favourite SDK on SDKMAN. What can I do?

Adding a new Version to an existing Candidate on SDKMAN is as simple as raising a pull request on our Database Migrations project. When the PR has been reviewed, approved and merged it will be run against our database making it available for all our users.

IntelliJ IDEA is not loading Java JDK when using SDKMAN on ArchLinux. What can I do?

There is a chance it might be conflicting with the built-in script archlinux-java that comes with your distribution of ArchLinux. Run archlinux-java unset then remove all versions of java from the default locations. Afterwards install the desired versions with SDKMAN and use the java versions installed at $HOME/.sdkman/candidates/.

On Mac, /usr/libexec/java_home does not detect alternatives installed by SDKMAN. What can I do?

The java_home tool is a system level tool provided by OSX. On the other hand, SDKMAN is a userspace tool that operates on your home folder only. These tools are mutually exclusive and can't be used together; java_home can only control what has been installed through OSX's own package manager and doesn't know about SDKMAN. Since SDKMAN already controls the setting of the JAVA_HOME variable, there is no need for using java_home.

SDK is flooding my build pipeline logs with the progress bar. How do I prevent this from happening?

The progress bar is part of curl, which we use for our scripts. To prevent the displaying of the progress bar you can add a .curlrc file to the users home directory (~/.curlrc) and fill it with the following content: --no-progress-bar. If this is not enough for you, you can also silence curl with the content -s in the same file.

If your questions haven't been answered, please feel free to join the SDKMAN Slack and get help in the user-issues channel.