A plugin for Gradle to allow Vendors to release Candidate Versions on SDKMAN!
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SDKMAN! Vendor Plugin

This Gradle plugin is used by SDK Vendors to publish their own releases on SDKMAN!. Even more, they are able to announce their releases through the Broadcast API.


A Vendor is an organisation/individual that owns a technology, and wishes to publish it's Versions on SDKMAN!


It requires some configuration in the build.gradle file of the project.

	buildscript {
	  repositories {
		maven {
		  url "https://plugins.gradle.org/m2/"
	  dependencies {
		classpath "gradle.plugin.io.sdkman:gradle-sdkvendor-plugin:1.1.1"

	apply plugin: "io.sdkman.vendors"

For users of Gradle 2.1 or greater:

	plugins {
	  id "io.sdkman.vendors" version "1.1.0"

You will also need some configuration to interact with the remote API in order to publish and broadcast:

	sdkman {
		api = "https://vendors.sdkman.io/"
		consumerKey = "SOME_KEY"
		consumerToken = "SOME_TOKEN"
		candidate = "grails"
		version = "3.0.0"
		url = "http://dist.springframework.org.s3.amazonaws.com/release/GRAILS/grails-3.0.0.zip"
		hashtag = "#grailsfw"


The credentials for Vendors consisting of a security key and token can be obtained by raising an Issue on Github.

Other Config

Configurations such as candidate, version, url and hashtag may be populated dynamically in the build.

Gradle Tasks

The plugin provides the following tasks for releasing, defaulting and announcing:

  • sdkAnnounceVersion - Announce a Release on SDKMAN.
  • sdkDefaultVersion - Make an existing Candidate Version the new Default on SDKMAN.
  • sdkReleaseVersion - Release a new Candidate Version on SDKMAN.
  • sdkMajorRelease - Convenience task performs a Major Release consisting of Release, Default and Announce combined.
  • sdkMinorRelease - Convenience task performs a Minor Release consisting of Release and Announce combined.