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Hercules CMPSC "Compression Call" instruction support
The z/Architecture Compression Call instruction (CMPSC opcode B263) had
at one time two different implementations within Hercules 4.0 Hyperion.
The original (legacy) cmpsc implementation was lacking support for the
z/Architecture CMPSC-enhancement facility, failed to pass some cmpsctst
testing tool(*) architecural compliance tests, and was not as fast.
The replacement cmpsc_2012 implementation not only passes all cmpsctst
testing tool architectural compliance tests, but also fully supports
the z/Architecture CMPSC-enhancement facility, and is about 10% faster
as well. Because of this the old legacy implementation was removed and
the new 2012 implementation is now the ONLY implementation in Hercules
4.0 Hyperion.
The CMPSC Compression Call instruction is fully described in painstaking
detail in publication "ESA/390 Data Compression" (SA22-7208) as well as
in the z/Architecture Principles of Operation manual too (SA22-7832).
The new default cmpsc_2012 implementation logic is spread across several
different source files, each handling just one aspect of the instruction's
overall functionality, and closely follows IBM's flow charts published in
each of those manuals:
cmpsc_2012.c Primary implementation functions
cmpsc.h Implementation-wide common header
cmpscbit.h Bit Extraction Helper Macros
cmpscget.h Get Next Index Functions
cmpscget.c Get Next Index Functions
cmpscput.h Put Next Index Functions
cmpscput.c Put Next Index Functions
cmpscdct.h Get Dictionary Entry Functions
cmpscdct.c Get Dictionary Entry Functions
cmpscmem.h Memory Access Functions
cmpscmem.c Memory Access Functions
cmpscdbg.h Debugging Functions (not implemented)
cmpscdbg.c Debugging Functions (not implemented)
The original legacy cmpsc implementation was written by Bernard van der
Helm of Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. The new/improved cmpsc_2012
implementation was written by Fish (David B. Trout) of the United States
of America, and borrows some of the techniques that Bernard pioneered.
(*) The CMPSCTST instruction testing tool is maintained separately from
Hercules in its own source code repository on GitHub, ships with a
pre-built set of ready-to-run binaries (executable files and scripts)
for both Windows and Linux (CentOS 6.4 with gcc 4.4), a default set
of test files, and contains a detailed README explaining how to not
only build the tool for yourself but also how to run its many tests.
The URL of the repository is: