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S/370 Backport of select ESA/390 and z/Architecture instructions
Runtime control of the backport
Some ESA/390 and z/Architecture features and their instructions are
architecturally compatible with the S/370 architecture. Although they are
not present in the S/370 Principle of Operations (GA22-7000), they are not
in contradiction with the reference manual.
For example, there is no contradication for an instruction such as LHI (Load
Halfword Immediate) to be included as part of the S/370 architecture presented
by Hercules.
However, since these instruction are not part of the original architecture,
it is necessary that these extensions to the architecture be controlled at
In Hercules, the fact that such and such facility or feature is built for
such and such architecture is controlled by a series of C preprocessor macros
in the feat370.h, feat390.h and feat900.h header files.
Furthermore, the availability of the instructions is controlled by Operation
code tables in opcode.c.
Before runtime control was available, a select number of features were made
available in feat370.h and then commented out. Removing the comment and
rebuilding Hercules then made it possible to access those features in the
S/370 architectural mode.
However, requiring a rebuild seemed a little too much to ask of the casual
Hercules user since it would mean they would have to manually build a custom
version of Hercules for themselves, which is not something a casual user of
Hercules is necessarily prepared to do.
Enabling the additional instructions
From the configuration file or hardware control panel, simply issue the
archlvl 370
facility enable herc_370_extension
This will enable all currently defined backported instructions to then be
available in System/370 mode. For the current list of affected instructions
refer to the "BEG_DIS_FAC_INS_FUNC( herc37X )" section of the 'facility.c'
source file.