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MORAN: A Multi-Object Rectified Attention Network for Scene Text Recognition, implemented in tf.keras
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MORAN: A Multi-Object Rectified Attention Network for Scene Text Recognition

The implementation is under active development. Beware of bugs and breaking changes!

This repository contains a tf.keras implementation of MORAN, a neural network with rectified attention for general scene text regonition outperforming all current state-of-the-art approaches with the lexicon-free mode of operation.

The codebase is heavily inspired by the Pytorch implementation provided by the original authors.

Table of Contents

  1. Technical Details

  2. Examples & Limitations

Technical Details

The model consists of two parts: MORN (Multi-Object Rectification Network), which learns the offsets used for text rectification, and ASRN (Attention-based Sequence Recognition Network), a CNN-LSTM encoder coupled with an attention-based decoder.

The figure below shows the overall structure of the model:

MORN (Multi-Object Rectification Network)

The architecture of MORN is given in the table below:

ASRN (Attention-based Sequence Recognition Network)

The architecture of ASRN is given in the table below:

Examples & Limitations

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