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SDNHub Opendaylight Tutorial

This is the OpenDaylight project source code used by the our tutorial.

Directory Organization

  • pom.xml: The POM in the main directory specifies all the sub-POMs to build
  • commons/parent: contains the parent pom.xml with all properties defined for the subprojects.
  • commons/utils: contains custom utilities built for OpenFlow programming
  • learning-switch: contains the tutorial L2 hub / switch
  • tapapp: contains the traffic monitoring tap application
  • features: defines the two features "sdnhub-tutorial-learning-switch", * "sdnhub-tutorial-tapapp" that can be loaded in Karaf
  • distribution/karaf-branding: contains karaf branner for SDN Hub
  • distribution/opendaylight-karaf: contains packaging relevant pom to * generate a running directory


In order to build it's required to have JDK 1.8+ and Maven 3.2+. The following commands are used to build and run.

$ mvn clean install
$ cd distribution/opendaylight-karaf/target/assembly
$ ./bin/karaf
karaf>feature:install sdnhub-XYZ