Apache Cassandra as a PHP5 session store
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PHP Cassandra Sessions
Sasha Dolgy <sasha@dolgy.com>

The following script will work to store ALL of your PHP session data if you implement the following

	1.  Ensure PHPCassa is working.
		- You can obtain it from here:  https://github.com/thobbs/phpcassa
		- Documentation for PHPCassa:  http://thobbs.github.com/phpcassa/
		If it's your first time, follow the tutorial:  http://thobbs.github.com/phpcassa/tutorial.html

	2.  Configure a column family in cassandra for the session data:

		create column family cf_sessions;

Each session is stored against the row 'site_name'.  If your site is example.com, this will be the row key.  Each column will be the PHPSESSID and the value
of that column will be the session data.  'session_expiration' needs to be set to ensure the garbage collection is done properly.  this is done by cassandra
when the column expires and is not done by PHP.  'session_expiration' is in seconds.  

$GLOBALS used: