This repository contains resources used in Women Environmental Programme (WEP) data collection exercise in Abuja, Nigeria.
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Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Local Government Through Open Data Collection in Three Area Councils OF FCT, Nigeria

A project by the Women Environmental Programme (WEP) with funding from Open Data for Development (OD4D) Network through the Africa Open Data Collaboration (AODC) Fund.

Read more about the AODC Fund in this blog post.

Project Description

Local Government Administrations (LGAs) are the third tier administrative structure created in Nigeria to decentralise governance, bring government closer to the people at the grassroots and render social services pivotal in engendering national development. They are purposefully located and responsible for the governance of about 70 percent of the estimated 170 million people of the Nigerian population. Thus, they are said to be in a vantage position to aggregate and articulate the needs of the majority of Nigerians and facilitate rural development through the application of the needed financial and human resources in their operations.

The demands and expectations from local government councils over the years have been on the increase while the finance required to deliver the dividend of democracy and good administration at the grassroots continue to dwindle, is inadequate, mismanaged and misappropriated. The LGAs have been characterized by poor accounting systems, unavailability of reliable data required for planning, over-politicization, inadequate finance and poor revenue collection, greed, unnecessary government structure.

The broad objective of the project is to evaluate the root causes of failure in the local government areas and how effective budget controls brings about efficient governance in the local government systems. The project activities include:

  • web-based crowd-sourcing of data
  • administration of community surveys
  • interviews and focus group discussions
  • production of policy briefs.

WEP will disseminate the findings through national and international conferences, workshops, donors, academia and tertiary institutions, LGAs, policy and decision makers, CSOs, general public and communities. The anonymised dataset will be made available in an open format for further analysis.

Project Location

  1. Abuja Municipal Area Council
  2. Gwagwalada Area Council
  3. Kuje Area Council

All the project locations are part of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria

Project Partners

Project Funders

Project Timeline

Activity Description Dates
Survey Development Overview and methodology for survey implementation March 2016
Data Collection Training Selection of data collection tool; 2-day training of data collectors June - August 2016
Community Data Collection Exercise Overview of data collection exercise August 2016
Data Verification & Cleaning Steps taken to get data into cleaned format for analysis September - November 2016
Data Publication Overview of data format and platform for easy publication November 2016
Data Analysis Methodology and tools for analysis November 2016
Production of Policy Briefs Publication and communication of insights to target audience November - December 2016

Resources Available