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Minimal colorscheme for vim
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This is a fork of vim-colors-plain, a minimalistic colorscheme which uses bold to highlight keywords and a distinguished color for constant literals (string, numbers, tags, etc).



Grey is often used for comments so as to minimize visual noise and allow focusing on source code. However, this also tends to obscure comments, which is important to well documented programs.

Choosing a color that contrasts well with the background but at the same time allows focus to be drawn to either code or comments is the objective of vim-colors-duochrome.


vim-colors-duochrome is a light colorscheme only and differs from vim-colors-plain in two distinct but subtle ways:

  1. It inherits the light background from flatwhite-vim for a warmer paper tint (versus the blue tint of vim-colors-plain).

  2. Comments (and directives) inherit the orange foreground color from vim-quantum for a monochromatic contrast to the background.

Hence, duochrome: black monochrome/blue for text and constants, and paper/orange for background and comments.

Installation & Usage

With vim-plug you add this to the .vimrc:

Plug 'sdothum/vim-colors-duochrome'


set background=light
colorscheme duochrome
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