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sdpython committed May 26, 2018
1 parent 8db5971 commit 65b67f391555ccc376d2a6b9450c213c8ab9927b
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@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ def test_maml0(self):
# If it fails, it usually hangs out on linux.
# It is better to directly display the standad C# output
# to see what the error is, mostly a missing DLL.
out, _ = maml(script, catch_output=False)
maml(script, catch_output=False)

@@ -261,11 +261,14 @@ def find_folder_package(folder):
if version is not None and net is not None:
found.append((version, net, d))
elif net is not None:
found.append((None, net, d))
found.append(("", net, d))
if not found:
raise FileNotFoundError("Not suitable path for '{0}'".format(folder))
mx = max(found)
mx = max(found)
except TypeError as e:
raise TypeError("Unable to find a version in '{0}'\n{1}".format(folder, found)) from e
return mx

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