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@brief Actions definition.
from .api_extension import AutoAction
from .gactions import MLAction, MLActionFunction
class MLModel(MLActionFunction):
Base class for every machine learned model
def __init__(self, input, output_names=None, name=None):
@param name a name which identifies the action
@param input an action which produces the output result
@param output_names names for the outputs
MLActionFunction.__init__(self, input, name=name)
self.output_names = output_names
def InputNames(self):
Returns the input names
vars = self.enumerate_variables()
res = list(sorted(set(v.name_var for v in vars)))
if len(res) == 0:
raise ValueError("At least one variable must be defined.")
return res
def OutputNames(self):
Returns the output names
return self.output_names
def _export_json(self, hook=None, result_name=None):
js = MLAction._export_json(self, hook=hook)
js.update({"input_names": self.InputNames,
"output_names": self.OutputNames})
return js
def _export_c(self, hook=None, result_name=None):
if result_name is None:
result_name = "pred"
return MLActionFunction._export_c(self, hook=hook, result_name=result_name)
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