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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
@brief Inspired from module
`sphinx-testing <>`_
import shutil
import os
import warnings
from io import StringIO
from sphinx.application import Sphinx
from .default_conf import latex_preamble
class CustomSphinxApp(Sphinx):
A subclass of class *Sphinx*,
the goal is to interpret :epkg:`RST` with custom directives.
def __init__(self, srcdir, outdir, confdir=None, doctreedir=None,
buildername='html', confoverrides=None, status=None,
warning=None, freshenv=False, warningiserror=False, tags=None,
copy_srcdir_to_tmpdir=False, create_new_srcdir=False,
cleanup_on_errors=True, verbosity=0, parallel=0,
@param srcdir source folder
@param outdir output folder
@param confdir configuration folder, default is srcdir
@param doctreedir doc tree folder
@param buildername HTML by default
@param confoverrides None or dictionary
@param status StringIO to retrieve them
@param warning StringIO to retrieve them
@param freshenv boolean
@param warningiserror warning as errors?
@param tags additional documentation
@param copy_srcdir_to_tmpdir copy the source to a temporary directory
@param create_new_srcdir create a new source directory
@param cleanup_on_errors force cleanup on errors
@param verbosity integer
@param parallel integer (number of threads)
@param extensions if ``'all'``, add extensions implemented
by this module, use ``None`` for an empty list,
'extensions' must not be in *confoverrides*
self.cleanup_trees = []
self.cleanup_on_errors = cleanup_on_errors
srcdir = os.path.abspath(srcdir)
outdir = os.path.abspath(outdir)
if confdir is None:
confdir = srcdir
confdir = os.path.abspath(confdir)
if doctreedir is None:
doctreedir = os.path.join(outdir, '_pyq', 'doctrees')
if not os.path.exists(doctreedir):
if confoverrides is None:
confoverrides = {}
if status is None:
status = StringIO()
if warning is None:
warning = StringIO()
if buildername == "rst":
from ..sphinxext.sphinx_rst_builder import RstBuilder
module = RstBuilder.__module__
elif buildername == "md":
from ..sphinxext.sphinx_md_builder import MdBuilder
module = MdBuilder.__module__
elif buildername in ("latex", "elatex", "pdf"):
from ..sphinxext.sphinx_latex_builder import EnhancedLaTeXBuilder
module = EnhancedLaTeXBuilder.__module__
elif buildername == "doctree":
from ..sphinxext.sphinx_doctree_builder import DocTreeBuilder
module = DocTreeBuilder.__module__
if 'extensions' not in confoverrides:
if extensions == 'all':
from ..sphinxext import get_default_extensions, get_default_standard_extensions
exts = get_default_extensions(load_bokeh=False)
exts += get_default_standard_extensions()
skip = {'sphinx.ext.extlinks'}
exts = [_ for _ in exts if _ not in skip]
if buildername == "rst":
exts.insert(0, module)
elif isinstance(extensions, list):
exts = extensions
if buildername == "rst":
exts = exts.copy()
exts.insert(0, module)
elif buildername in ("rst", "md"):
exts = [module]
if exts is not None:
confoverrides['extensions'] = exts
# delayed import to speed up time
from sphinx.deprecation import RemovedInSphinx30Warning, RemovedInSphinx40Warning, RemovedInSphinx20Warning
except ImportError:
RemovedInSphinx20Warning = DeprecationWarning
RemovedInSphinx30Warning = DeprecationWarning
RemovedInSphinx40Warning = DeprecationWarning
with warnings.catch_warnings():
warnings.simplefilter("ignore", RemovedInSphinx20Warning)
warnings.simplefilter("ignore", RemovedInSphinx30Warning)
warnings.simplefilter("ignore", RemovedInSphinx40Warning)
Sphinx.__init__(self, srcdir, confdir, outdir, doctreedir,
buildername, confoverrides, status,
warning, freshenv, warningiserror, tags,
verbosity, parallel)
def _add_missing_element_in_config(self):
Adds extra elements in config such as ``latex_elements``.
if not hasattr(self.config, "latex_elements"):
self.config.latex_elements = {
'papersize': 'a4',
'pointsize': '10pt',
'preamble': latex_preamble(),
def __str__(self):
classname = self.__class__.__name__
return '<%s buildername=%r>' % (classname,
def cleanup(self, error=None):
do some cleanup
@param error error is an exception
from sphinx.theming import Theme
if error and self.cleanup_on_errors is False:
for tree in self.cleanup_trees:
shutil.rmtree(tree, True)
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