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@brief Few helpers for :epkg:`Sphinx`.
import logging
def info_blocref(app, doctree, fromdocname, class_name,
entry_name, class_node, class_node_list):
Log information with :epkg:`Sphinx`.
@param app application (Sphinx)
@param doctree document tree
@param fromdocname document currently being compiled
@param class_name name of the node
@param entry_name entry name in ``TITLES``
@param class_node class node (@see cl blocref_node)
@param class_node_list class node list (@see cl blocreflist)
incconf = '%s_include_%ss' % (class_name, class_name)
rows2 = []
for node in doctree.traverse(class_node_list):
breftag = node.get("breftag", None)
rows2.append("tag={0} do={1}".format(breftag, app.config[incconf]))
if len(rows2) == 0:
return False
attr_name = '%s_all_%ss' % (class_name, class_name)
env = app.builder.env
if hasattr(env, attr_name):
bloc_list_env = getattr(env, attr_name)
bloc_list_env = []
rows = [" [info_blocref]",
"len(bloc_list_env)={0}".format(len(bloc_list_env)), ]
message = " ".join(rows)
logger = logging.getLogger("info_blocref")
return True
def sphinx_lang(env, default_value='en'):
Returns the language defined in the configuration file.
@param env environment
@param default_value default value
@return language
if hasattr(env, "settings"):
settings = env.settings
if hasattr(settings, "language_code"):
lang = env.settings.language_code
lang = "en"
settings = None
lang = "en"
return lang
class TinyNode:
Returned by @see fn traverse.
def __init__(self, parent):
Create a note
@param parent parent node
self.parent = parent
class NodeEnter(TinyNode):
Returned by function @see fn traverse.
class NodeLeave(TinyNode):
Returned by function @see fn traverse.
class WrappedNode:
Wraps a docutils node.
def __init__(self, node):
self.node = node
def traverse(node, depth=0):
Enumerates through all children but insert a node whenever
digging or leaving the childrens nodes.
@param node node (from doctree)
@param depth current depth
@return enumerate (depth, node)
@see cl NodeEnter and @see cl NodeLeave are returned whenever entering or leaving nodes.
if isinstance(node, WrappedNode):
node = node.node
ne = NodeEnter(node)
nl = NodeLeave(node)
yield (depth, ne)
yield (depth, node)
for n in node.children:
for r in traverse(n, depth + 1):
yield r
yield (depth, nl)
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