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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
@brief Defines a :epkg:`sphinx` extension to display a link on github.
import os
import sphinx
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers.rst.roles import set_classes
class githublink_node(nodes.Element):
defines *githublink* node
def make_link_node(rawtext, app, path, anchor, lineno, options, settings):
Create a link to a github file.
:param rawtext: Text being replaced with link node.
:param app: Sphinx application context
:param path: path to filename
:param lineno: line number
:param anchor: anchor
:param options: Options dictionary passed to role func.
:param settings: settings
The configuration of the documentation must contain
a member ``githublink_options`` (a dictionary) which contains the following fields
either the pair:
* *user*, *project*: to form the url
Or the field:
* *processor*: function with takes a path and a line number and returns an url and an anchor name
def processor_github(path, lineno):
url = "{0}/{1}/blob/master/{2}".format(user, project, path)
if lineno:
url += "#L{0}".format(lineno)
return url, "source on GitHub"
exc = []
config = app.config
except AttributeError as e:
config = None
if config is not None:
opt = config.githublink_options
except AttributeError as ee:
opt = None
opt = None
if not opt:
opt = settings.githublink_options
except AttributeError as eee:
opt = None
if not opt:
lines = "\n".join("## {0} ##".format(str(e)) for e in exc)
raise AttributeError(
"settings does not have a key githublink_options, app does not have a member config.\n{0}".format(lines))
except AttributeError:
# it just means the role will be ignored
return None
if "processor" not in opt:
user = opt["user"]
project = opt["project"]
ll = 'x' if '.cpython' in path else ''
ref = "{0}/{1}/blob/master/{2}{3}".format(
user, project, path, ll)
if lineno:
ref += "#L{0}".format(lineno)
ref, anchor = opt["processor"](path, lineno)
if anchor == "%" and 'anchor' in opt:
anchor = opt['anchor']
node = nodes.reference(rawtext, anchor, refuri=ref, **options)
return node
def githublink_role(role, rawtext, text, lineno, inliner,
options=None, content=None):
Defines custom role *githublink*. The following instruction add
a link to the documentation on github.
:githublink:`source on GitHub|py`
:param role: The role name used in the document.
:param rawtext: The entire markup snippet, with role.
:param text: The text marked with the role.
:param lineno: The line number where rawtext appears in the input.
:param inliner: The inliner instance that called us.
:param options: Directive options for customization (dictionary)
:param content: The directive content for customization (list)
:return: ``[node], []``
The pipe ``|`` indicates that an extension must be added to
*docname* to get the true url.
Different formats handled by the role:
* ``anchor``: anchor = filename, line number is guess form the position in the file
* ``anchor|py|*``: extension *.py* is added to the anchor, no line number
* ``anchor|py|45``: extension *.py* is added to the anchor, line number is 45
* ``%|py|45``: the anchor name comes from the variable ``githublink_options['anchor']`` in the configuration file.
A suffix can be added to the extension ``rst-doc`` to tell the extension
the source comes from the subfolder ``_doc/sphinx/source`` and not from
the subfolder ``src``.
if options is None:
options = {}
if content is None:
content = []
if not rawtext or len(rawtext) == 0:
rawtext = "source"
app =
docname = inliner.document.settings.env.docname
folder = docname
# Retrieves extension and path.
text0 = text
path = None
if "|" in text:
# No extension to the url, it adds one.
spl = text.split("|")
if len(spl) == 3:
text, ext, no = spl
if len(ext) > 7 or "." in ext:
path = ext
ext = None
ext = "." + ext
lineno = int(no) if no != "*" else None
elif len(spl) != 2:
raise ValueError("Unable to interpret '{0}'.".format(text))
text, ext = spl
ext = "." + ext
ext = None
# -
if ext is not None and "-" in ext:
spl = ext.split("-")
if len(spl) != 2:
raise ValueError(
"unable to interpret extension in '{0}'".format(text0))
ext, doc = spl
doc = "src"
# Get path to source.
if path is None:
git = os.path.join(folder, ".git")
while len(folder) > 0 and not os.path.exists(git):
folder = os.path.split(folder)[0]
git = os.path.join(folder, ".git")
if len(folder) > 0:
path = docname[len(folder):]
elif doc == "src":
path = os.path.join('src', docname)
elif doc == "doc":
path = os.path.join('_doc', 'sphinxdoc', 'source', docname)
raise ValueError(
"Unable to interpret subfolder in '{0}'.".format(text0))
# Path with extension.
if ext is not None:
path += ext
path = path.replace("\\", "/")
# Get rid of binaries (.pyd, .so) --> add a link to the root.
if path.endswith(".pyd") or path.endswith(".so"):
path = "/".join(path.split("/")[:-1]).rstrip('/') + '/'
# Add node.
node = make_link_node(rawtext=rawtext, app=app, path=path, lineno=lineno,
options=options, anchor=text, settings=inliner.document.settings)
except (ValueError, AttributeError) as e:
msg = inliner.reporter.error('githublink_options must be set to a dictionary with keys (user, project)\n%s' % str(e),
prb = inliner.problematic(rawtext, rawtext, msg)
return [prb], [msg]
if node is None:
return [], []
return [node], []
def setup(app):
setup for ``githublink`` (:epkg:`sphinx`)
app.add_role('githublink', githublink_role)
app.add_role('gitlink', githublink_role)
app.add_config_value('githublink_options', None, 'env')
return {'version': sphinx.__display_version__, 'parallel_read_safe': True}
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