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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
@brief Defines a :epkg:`sphinx` extension which proposes a new version of ``.. contents::``
which takes into account titles dynamically added.
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers.rst import directives
from sphinx.util import logging
import sphinx
from docutils.parsers.rst import Directive
from .sphinx_ext_helper import traverse, NodeLeave, WrappedNode
class postcontents_node(nodes.paragraph):
defines ``postcontents`` node
class PostContentsDirective(Directive):
Defines a sphinx extension which proposes a new version of ``.. contents::``
which takes into account titles dynamically added.
.. postcontents::
title 1
.. runpython::
print("title 2")
Which renders as:
.. contents::
title 1
title 2
Directive ``.. contents::`` only considers titles defined by the user,
not titles dynamically created by another directives.
.. warning:: It is not recommended to dynamically insert
such a directive. It is not recursive.
node_class = postcontents_node
name_sphinx = "postcontents"
has_content = True
option_spec = {'depth': directives.unchanged,
'local': directives.unchanged}
def run(self):
Just add a @see cl postcontents_node.
@return list of nodes or list of nodes, container
lineno = self.lineno
settings = self.state.document.settings
env = settings.env if hasattr(settings, "env") else None
docname = None if env is None else env.docname
if docname is not None:
docname = docname.replace("\\", "/").split("/")[-1]
docname = ''
node = postcontents_node()
node['pclineno'] = lineno
node['pcdocname'] = docname
node["pcprocessed"] = 0
node["depth"] = self.options.get("depth", "*")
node["local"] = self.options.get("local", None)
return [node]
def process_postcontents(app, doctree):
Collect all *postcontents* in the environment.
Look for the section or document which contain them.
Put them into the variable *postcontents_all_postcontents* in the config.
env = app.builder.env
attr = 'postcontents_all_postcontents'
if not hasattr(env, attr):
setattr(env, attr, [])
attr_list = getattr(env, attr)
for node in doctree.traverse(postcontents_node):
# It looks for a section or documenti which contains the directive.
parent = node
while not isinstance(parent, (nodes.document, nodes.section)):
parent = node.parent
node["node_section"] = WrappedNode(parent)
node["pcprocessed"] += 1
def transform_postcontents(app, doctree, fromdocname):
The function is called by event ``'doctree_resolved'``. It looks for
every section in page stored in *postcontents_all_postcontents*
in the configuration and builds a short table of contents.
The instruction ``.. contents::`` is resolved before every directive in
the page is executed, the instruction ``.. postcontents::`` is resolved after.
@param app Sphinx application
@param doctree doctree
@param fromdocname docname
Thiis directive should be used if you need to capture a section
which was dynamically added by another one. For example @see cl RunPythonDirective
calls function ``nested_parse_with_titles``. ``.. postcontents::`` will capture the
new section this function might eventually add to the page.
logger = logging.getLogger("postcontents")
# check this is something to process
env = app.builder.env
attr_name = 'postcontents_all_postcontents'
if not hasattr(env, attr_name):
setattr(env, attr_name, [])
post_list = getattr(env, attr_name)
if len(post_list) == 0:
# No postcontents found.
for node in post_list:
if node["pcprocessed"] != 1:
logger.warning("[postcontents] no first loop was ever processed: 'pcprocessed'={0} , File '{1}', line {2}".format(
node["pcprocessed"], node["pcdocname"], node["pclineno"]))
parent = node["node_section"]
sections = []
main_par = nodes.paragraph()
node += main_par
roots = [main_par]
# depth = int(node["depth"]) if node["depth"] != '*' else 20
memo = {}
for _, subnode in traverse(parent):
if isinstance(subnode, nodes.title):
par = nodes.paragraph()
ref = nodes.reference(refid=sections[-1]["ids"][0],
par += ref
bullet = nodes.list_item()
bullet += par
roots[-1] += bullet
elif isinstance(subnode, nodes.section):
if len(subnode["ids"]) == 0:
nid = subnode["ids"][0]
if nid in memo:
raise KeyError("node was already added '{0}'".format(nid))
memo[nid] = subnode
bli = nodes.bullet_list()
roots[-1] += bli
elif isinstance(subnode, NodeLeave):
parent = subnode.parent
if isinstance(parent, nodes.section):
ids = None if len(parent["ids"]) == 0 else parent["ids"][0]
if ids in memo:
def visit_postcontents_node(self, node):
does nothing
def depart_postcontents_node(self, node):
does nothing
def setup(app):
setup for ``postcontents`` (sphinx)
if hasattr(app, "add_mapping"):
app.add_mapping('postcontents', postcontents_node)
html=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node),
epub=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node),
elatex=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node),
latex=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node),
text=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node),
md=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node),
rst=(visit_postcontents_node, depart_postcontents_node))
app.add_directive('postcontents', PostContentsDirective)
app.connect('doctree-read', process_postcontents)
app.connect('doctree-resolved', transform_postcontents)
return {'version': sphinx.__display_version__, 'parallel_read_safe': True}
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