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fix type issue

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sdpython committed Aug 15, 2017
1 parent 93bf411 commit 2f3bf41723fa6513c080ee8ce1e85d819e38118a
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  1. +3 −3 src/pyquickhelper/helpgen/
@@ -1024,12 +1024,12 @@ def build_all_notebooks_coverage(nbs, fileout, module_name, dump=None, badge=Tru
'nbcell', 'nbrun', 'nbvalid', 'success', 'time']
report = report0[cols].copy()
report["notebooks"] = report["notebooks"].apply(
lambda x: "/".join(os.path.normpath(x).replace("\\", "/").split("/")[-2:]))
lambda x: "/".join(os.path.normpath(x).replace("\\", "/").split("/")[-2:]) if isinstance(x, str) else x)
report["last_name"] = report["notebooks"].apply(
lambda x: os.path.split(x)[-1])
lambda x: os.path.split(x)[-1] if isinstance(x, str) else x)

def clean_link(link):
return link.replace("_", "").replace(".ipynb", ".rst").replace(".", "")
return link.replace("_", "").replace(".ipynb", ".rst").replace(".", "") if isinstance(link, str) else link

report["notebooks"] = report.apply(lambda row: ':ref:`{0} <{1}>`'.format(
row["notebooks"], clean_link(row["last_name"])), axis=1)

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