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add rst output for documentation

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sdpython committed Jul 12, 2017
1 parent 463e2cc commit 8386307d0f3b39db05e6e683c6003f9333be714f
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@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ def write_version():
fLOG=logging_function, covtoken=(
"ce1fc48d-9081-44b3-ae09-8b4665e28e86", "'_UT_36_std' in outfile"),
layout=["pdf", "epub", "html",
layout=["rst", "pdf", "epub", "html",
("html", "build2", {"html_theme": "alabaster"}, "source/phdoc_static2")])
if not r and not ({"bdist_msi", "sdist",
"bdist_wheel", "publish", "publish_doc", "register",

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