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.. _l-README:
.. _l-README:

@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ This project is a skeleton for any new project. It contains:
* a unit test folder: ``_unittests``, go to this folder and run ````
* a _doc folder: ``_doc``, it will contains the documentation
* a file ```` to build and to install the module
* a file ```` to build the sphinx documentation

All theses steps were only tested on Windows. Suppot for linux will be added later. To create your own project, you need to rename the folder ``project_name`` in ``src`` by your true module name. You also need to replace ``project_name`` wherever it is found:
* ``project_var_name = 'project_name'`` in ````, ```` and ``_doc/sphinxdoc/source/``

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