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Docker container running FlightRadar24's fr24feed. Designed to work in tandem with sdr-enthusiasts/docker-readsb-protobuf. Builds and runs on x86_64, arm32v6, arm32v7 & arm64.

fr24feed pulls ModeS/BEAST information from the sdr-enthusiasts/docker-readsb-protobuf (or another host providing ModeS/BEAST data), and sends data to FlightRadar24.

For more information on what fr24feed is, see here: share-your-data.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfiles

  • latest (main branch, Dockerfile)
  • latest_nohealthcheck is the same as the latest version above. However, this version has the docker healthcheck removed. This is done for people running platforms (such as Nomad) that don't support manually disabling healthchecks, where healthchecks are not wanted.
  • Version and architecture specific tags available

Obtaining a Flightradar24 Sharing Key

First-time users should obtain a Flightradar24 sharing key.

In order to obtain a Flightradar24 sharing key, initially run the container as-per one of the methods below.

Script Method

Run the following command to temporarily start the container and complete the automated signup process:

docker run \
  --rm \
  -it \
  --entrypoint /scripts/ \

Remember to replace:

  • YOUR_FEEDER_LAT with the latitude of your feeder's antenna
  • YOUR_FEEDER_LONG with the longitude of your feeder's antenna
  • YOUR_FEEDER_ALT_FT with the altitude of your feeder's antenna above sea level in feet
  • YOUR@EMAIL.ADDRESS with your email address.

After 30 seconds or so, you should see the following output:


Take a note of the sharing key, as you'll need it when launching the container.

Manual Method

If the script method fails (please let me know so I can fix it), you can sign up manually.

Temporarily run the container with the following command:

For ARM platforms:

docker run --rm -it --entrypoint /usr/local/bin/fr24feed --signup

For other platforms:

docker run --rm -it --entrypoint qemu-arm-static /usr/local/bin/fr24feed --signup

This will take you through the signup process. Most of the answers don't matter as during normal operation the configuration will be set with environment variables. I would suggest answering as follows:

  • Step 1.1 - Enter your email address (username@domain.tld): Enter your email address.
  • Step 1.2 - If you used to feed FR24 with ADS-B data before, enter your sharing key.: Leave blank and press enter.
  • Step 1.3 - Would you like to participate in MLAT calculations?: Answer no.
  • Would you like to continue using these settings?: Answer yes.
  • Step 4.1 - Receiver selection (in order to run MLAT please use DVB-T stick with dump1090 utility bundled with fr24feed)... Enter your receiver type (1-7): Answer 7.
  • Step 6 - Please select desired logfile mode... Select logfile mode (0-2): Answer 0.

At the end of the signup process, you'll be presented with:

Congratulations! You are now registered and ready to share ADS-B data with Flightradar24.
+ Your sharing key (xxxxxxxxxxxx) has been configured and emailed to you for backup purposes.
+ Your radar id is X-XXXXXXX, please include it in all email communication with us.

Take a note of the sharing key, as you'll need it when launching the container.

Up-and-Running with docker run

docker run \
 -d \
 --rm \
 --name fr24feed \
 -e BEASTHOST=beasthost \
 -e FR24KEY=xxxxxxxxxxx \
 -p 8754:8754 \

Up-and-Running with Docker Compose

version: '2.0'

    tty: true
    container_name: fr24feed
    restart: always
      - 8754:8754
      - TZ="Australia/Perth"
      - BEASTHOST=beasthost
      - FR24KEY=xxxxxxxxxxx

Runtime Environment Variables

There are a series of available environment variables:

Environment Variable Purpose Default
BEASTHOST Required. IP/Hostname of a Mode-S/BEAST provider (dump1090) readsb
BEASTPORT Optional. TCP port number of Mode-S/BEAST provider (dump1090) 30005
FR24KEY Required. Flightradar24 Sharing Key
TZ Your local timezone (optional) GMT
VERBOSE_LOGGING Set to true to enable verbose logging (optional) false


The following ports are used by this container:

  • 8754 - fr24feed web interface - optional but recommended
  • 30003 - fr24feed TCP BaseStation output listen port - optional, recommended to leave unmapped unless explicitly needed
  • 30334 - fr24feed TCP Raw output listen port - optional, recommended to leave unmapped unless explicitly needed


  • The fr24feed process is logged to the container's stdout, and can be viewed with docker logs [-f] container.
  • fr24feed log file exists at /var/log/fr24feed.log, with automatic log rotation.

Getting Help

Having troubles with the container or have questions? Please create a new issue.

I also have a Discord channel, feel free to join and converse.


Multi-architecture docker container running flightradar24 fr24feed. Designed to work in tandem with mikenye/readsb (arm32v7/arm64/x86_64).







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