Frontend Masters- Advanced SVG Animation Course
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Sarah Drasner
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#Frontend Masters: Advanced SVG Animations Author: Sarah Drasner

All relevant slides from this lecture series are here:

All pens used in the slide lectures are in this Codepen Collection.

Included in this repo are some very basic GSAP starter kits.

##Part One, Section Three There is a resource for the sprite and CSS animation SVG, should you need a starter resource.

##Part Two, Section Five GreenSock Docs, Forums, and Easing Visualizer.

There are three directories you can use as GSAP starter kits:

  • basic-tween
  • basic-timeline
  • master-timeline

##Part Two, Section Six There are a few ways to work with the GSAP timeline in this file: gsap-resources.js. For any interaction with jQuery, remember to use the 3.0+ version. Alpha