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Objective-C C Java Makefile
Latest commit f4a3337 Jan 6, 2017 @ford-prefect ford-prefect committed with gradle: Set the correct assets directory
Needed for newer Android Studio (and GStreamer > 1.10.2) to correctly
pick up assets.

Remote-control test app for GStreamer on Android and iOS


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Building on Android

  • Open the android-launch/ directory in Android Studio
    • If you downloaded the GStreamer for Android binary, set gstAndroidRoot = /path/to/gst-android-binaries in ~/.gradle/ -- this must be an absolute path
    • If you built GStreamer for Android using Cerbero, you're good to go
  • Set up the NDK in Android Studio (under Project Structure, or set ANDROID_NDK_HOME in the environment, or ndk.dir in
  • Build the project in Android Studio like any other project