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// Copyright (C) 2016-2017 Sebastian Dröge <>
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 <LICENSE-APACHE or
//> or the MIT license
// <LICENSE-MIT or>, at your
// option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed
// except according to those terms.
macro_rules! plugin_define(
($name:expr, $description:expr, $plugin_init:ident,
$version:expr, $license:expr, $source:expr,
$package:expr, $origin:expr, $release_datetime:expr) => {
pub mod plugin_desc {
use $crate::glib::translate::{from_glib_borrow, ToGlib};
// Not using c_char here because it requires the libc crate
type c_char = i8;
pub struct GstPluginDesc($crate::gst_ffi::GstPluginDesc);
unsafe impl Sync for GstPluginDesc {}
pub static gst_plugin_desc: GstPluginDesc = GstPluginDesc($crate::gst_ffi::GstPluginDesc {
major_version: 1,
minor_version: 8,
name: $name as *const u8 as *const c_char,
description: $description as *const u8 as *const c_char,
plugin_init: Some(plugin_init_trampoline),
version: $version as *const u8 as *const c_char,
license: $license as *const u8 as *const c_char,
source: $source as *const u8 as *const c_char,
package: $package as *const u8 as *const c_char,
origin: $origin as *const u8 as *const c_char,
release_datetime: $release_datetime as *const u8 as *const c_char,
_gst_reserved: [0 as $crate::glib_ffi::gpointer; 4],
unsafe extern "C" fn plugin_init_trampoline(plugin: *mut $crate::gst_ffi::GstPlugin) -> $crate::glib_ffi::gboolean {
use std::panic::{self, AssertUnwindSafe};
let result = panic::catch_unwind(AssertUnwindSafe(|| super::$plugin_init(&from_glib_borrow(plugin)).to_glib()));
match result {
Ok(result) => result,
Err(err) => {
let cat = $crate::gst::DebugCategory::get("GST_PLUGIN_LOADING").unwrap();
if let Some(cause) = err.downcast_ref::<&str>() {
gst_error!(cat, "Failed to initialize plugin due to panic: {}", cause);
} else if let Some(cause) = err.downcast_ref::<String>() {
gst_error!(cat, "Failed to initialize plugin due to panic: {}", cause);
} else {
gst_error!(cat, "Failed to initialize plugin due to panic");