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PTP Clock reflector

Reflector takes packets from a PTP (IEEE1588:2008) clock running on PTP domain
0, and makes it available on PTP domain 1 and also changes the clock
identification accordingly.

This allows making a local clock available on the network and reflecting it
back to the same machine for testing of PTP clock implementations.

Locally you can run ptpd from with
  ptpd -i eth0 -M -n -C
and a PTP slave clock, e.g.
  ./ptp-print-times -d 1

Remotely you can run reflector with

The PTP slave clock will now get the local clock time from the network with 2
round-trip times between the local and remote machine added. If the PTP slave
clock implementation works correct, the difference between the local clock and
the "remote" PTP clock should be approximately 0.