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SD Ruby

This app is the website of SD Ruby, a local Ruby user group based in San Diego, CA.

Currently, this application includes support for our video podcast, member signup and registration, member profiles, and a Github project list. We're also working on adding other features.

System Dependencies


This app is designed to run on Ruby 1.9.3.


To work best, you must have ImageMagick installed on your local machine:

  • For Linux, install using a package manager such as aptitude: aptitude install imagemagick
  • For Mac OS X, install this via homebrew: brew install imagemagick


bundle install                                          # Install project dependencies
cp config/database.example.yml config/database.yml      # Configure your database(s)
cp config/app_config.example.yml config/app_config.yml  # Configure your application settings
cp config/.env.sample .env                              # Configure your env
rake sunspot:solr:start                                 # Start Solr search engine
rake db:migrate db:seed                                 # Setup database and load sample data
rake sunspot:solr:reindex                               # Index the database
rails s                                                 # Start Rails server

Note: You will need to add your AWS credentials and Meetup API key to config/app_config.yml.

Running Tests

rake db:test:prepare # if this is your first time running the tests
rspec spec

Tests can also be run automatically using Guard watchers. In order to begin watching files, simple start Guard using the guard command.

Please be sure to run the tests and ensure all are passing before issuing a pull request!


You can deploy to the staging or production Heroku apps, if you have the appropriate permissions, using one of the the following commands:

rake staging deploy commit=BRANCH
rake production deploy

Deployment tasks will automatically run any pending migrations.



Thanks to UCSD, we're able to record SD Ruby meetings, and publish our talks as a video podcast.

The podcast code can generate both an Atom feed and an RSS feed (with custom iTunes RSS extensions).

Member Guide

The member guide contains a list of all SD Ruby members.

Member profiles can include:

  • Full name
  • Avatar image
  • Github ID
  • Neighborhood
  • Ruby experience
  • Work availability
  • Contact email (if public)

Project List

The list of projects shows all Github projects created by SD Ruby members.


Thanks to the following people for contributing to this app.

Special thanks to the folks at Websolr for providing us with a free hosted search account.