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Java upload applet

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	1. About
	2. Using
	3. Compiling

1. About:

If you've downloaded Postlet, then it is
likely that you already know what
Postlet is, but put simply, it is a way
of simply uploading files to a server
using HTTP.

2. Using:

Inorder to use Postlet, you must have a
compiled copy of it.  This can be done
simply on any *NIX system (Linux, Mac OS
X, etc) by following the instructions
below.  Instructions for Windows will
follow soon.  This will produce a copy
of postlet.jar in the dist directory. 
You may also download a pre compiled
version of it from

3. Compiling:

- *NIX
In order to compile on a *NIX system,
you must first ensure that you have
installed a suitable Java SDK (anything
higher than Java 1.3), and that you have
set up your Keys to sign a java applet.
If the key is named tstkey, then all
that need be done to compile the applet
is to run  Could it be easier?