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Maintenance Notice

Rubeus Engine is not being maintained. Reach out to us at our Discord server for any questions you may have.

Rubeus is a 2D game engine aimed at developing custom game concepts, that anyone can use and edit into suiting their own needs. Rubeus is mainly directed at rendering 2D pixel graphics retro games.

Getting Started

Rubeus' wiki section aims at serving as a developer's guide to using Rubeus.

Each entry has a sample code snippet for the user to help understand the Rubeus API. However, each entry also has a contributor's guide which aims at explaining the workflow of the engine to people who would like to contribute code to Rubeus. It is recommended to the contributors to read both the user and the contributor guides.

If you want to dive directly into a tutorial on how to use Rubeus, then hop over to a quick tutorial on Making a ping-pong game.

Development Process

The development on Rubeus is inspired by a lot of popular, well-documented game engines like Unreal Engine, Sparky Engine, repository structure inspired by Godot Engine along with countless articles/blogs on and

Feel free to fork this repo and add any custom feature. However, if you feel Rubeus could use your feature as an enhancement, then we won't stop you from opening a PR 😄 .

Join the Discord server ( or you can also reach out to us on

Current Status

The Rubeus engine v2.0 and v1.0 can be used for production. Follow the contributing guidelines to partake in the development process.