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// Copyright (c) 2020 SDSLabs
// Use of this source code is governed by an MIT license
// details of which can be found in the LICENSE file.
package kiwi
import (
// Errors related to values.
var (
ErrValueRegistered = fmt.Errorf("value already registered")
ErrValueNotRegistered = fmt.Errorf("value not registered")
// newValueErr creates a new error with related value type.
func newValueErr(err error, typ ValueType) error {
return fmt.Errorf("%w: %v", err, typ)
// Errors related to actions.
var (
ErrInvalidAction = fmt.Errorf("invalid action")
// valueMap maintains all the values registered with the library.
var valueMap = map[ValueType]func() Value{}
type (
// ValueType is the name of type of value.
ValueType string
// Action is required to invoke (or "Do") an action.
Action string
// DoFunc is a function that can be executed when an action is invoked.
DoFunc func(params ...interface{}) (interface{}, error)
// Value is something that can be associated with a "key".
// A value implements its own methods and can be accessed by type assertion.
// To add a value type to the register simply call RegisterValue.
// All the default values are already registered with the package.
type Value interface {
// Type returns the type of the value.
Type() ValueType
// DoMap returns a map which associates actions with a do function.
DoMap() map[Action]DoFunc
// ToJSON returns a raw byte array of the data.
ToJSON() (json.RawMessage, error)
// FromJSON returns the data in golang from a raw byte array.
FromJSON(json.RawMessage) error
// RegisterValue registers a new value type with the package.
// It takes in two params: the type of the value and a function to create a new value.
func RegisterValue(newFn func() Value) {
typ := newFn().Type()
if _, ok := valueMap[typ]; ok {
panic(newValueErr(ErrValueRegistered, typ))
valueMap[typ] = newFn
// ListRegisteredValues lists all the values registered with the package.
func ListRegisteredValues() []string {
vals := make([]string, len(valueMap))
i := 0
for key := range valueMap {
vals[i] = string(key)
return vals
// newValue creates a value from it's type.
func newValue(typ ValueType) (Value, error) {
nf, ok := valueMap[typ]
if !ok {
return nil, newValueErr(ErrValueNotRegistered, typ)
return nf(), nil