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SDG Index and Dashboards Report for European Cities

Prototype Version

EU City-level data from 2019 Index and Dashboards

Report Description

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), which co-produces the Global Sustainable Development Report (formerly SDG Index and Dashboards), in partnership with the Brabant Center for Sustainable Development (Telos, Tilburg University), released the first-ever SDG Index and Dashboards Report for European Cities.

The report compares the performance of capital cities and a selection of large metropolitan areas in the European-Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In total, results for 45 European cities are presented in this first prototype version using 56 indicators. The report includes contributions from Nilda Mesa (Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Columbia University), the OECD and European Commission, and urban policymakers.

For more information on this report, see

For data from our other projects, see


  1. Data from most recent year, EU Cities Index Results 2019, available in Excel.


By downloading the data, you hereby agree to all of the terms specified in this license.


The report was prepared by teams of independent experts at the SDSN Secretariat and TELOS. Lead writers at SDSN include Guillaume Lafortune and Grayson Fuller under the direction of Guido Schmidt-Traub. Lead writers at TELOS include Kees Zoeteman, Rens Mulder and John Dagevos. The views expressed in this report do not reflect the views of any organizations, agencies or programmes of the United Nations. Additionally, they may not reflect the opinions of SDSN’s Leadership Council members and their host institutions.

Please cite report as: Guillaume Lafortune, Kees Zoeteman, Grayson Fuller, Rens Mulder, John Dagevos and Guido Schmidt-Traub. (2019). The 2019 SDG Index and Dashboards Report for European Cities (prototype version). Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and the Brabant Center for Sustainable Development (Telos).


Please notify us about any publications that result from the use of the SDG Index and Dashboards Report and data by sending your bibliographic citation to and including information on your publication.

We very much welcome comments and suggestions for filling gaps in the data used for this index and for improving the analysis and presentation of the results. Please contact us at or


SDG Index and Dashboards Report for European Cities 2019




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