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bgppp -- BGP Pull and Process
Stephen D. Strowes,

I regularly pull data from Route Views for use in my research. The
naming schemes between collectors differs in places, and the BGP data
arrives in different formats. The data in its raw form is not so
especially useful.

What is useful, however, is the unique collection of paths toward each
router, the collection of (AS-level) links observed by each router,
and the aggregate of these.

I use these scripts to pull down current Route Views data and mash it
together into more immediately useful forms. Given the differing
naming schemes and data formats, the scripts help avoid little

The grubbiest part of the collection is the AWK script to cleanse the
Cisco-format BGP data. This is grubby because the output is intended
to be read by humans, and it has changed over time.

The scripts
----------- is my primary script, and it's run regularly via cron. The
various helper scripts it uses, in order, are:


'BGP wget'. Pulls down a Route Views snapshot from the various
collectors for a specific date.


'BGP to uniq paths'. It accepts data in Cisco or MRT format, with MRT
being the default. The "-c" option assumes Cisco data, which requires
a cleansing process to pull out the paths easily. The script calls
bgp-clean-cisco-table.awk for the cleansing.


'BGP paths to links'. Given the set of paths, this script boils the
paths down to AS adjacencies.


'BGP aggregate links'. Aggregates all the links discovered into one
fuller map of the AS graph.

Do feel free to feed back comments or fixes to


BGP data munging scripts



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