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Graphical implementation of the game of life through tkinter
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Graphical implementation of the game of life with tkinter

Requires Python 3+ with numpy, tkinter, math and scipy


I created this script mainly to improve my skills in tkinter and numpy. It utilizes tkinter to create a checkered canvas to run Conway's Game of Life. Live cells can be created by clicking and draging across the canvas. The code can also be stopped and started, and the time between updates changed via GUI controls.

To run the program

This will open the tkinter window. Look under other windows if it doesn't start at the top.

To begin the game of life

  • Select the starting cells by clicking or dragging the canvas
  • Click the start button

The height and width of the canvas, as well as the size of the cells can be changed by adding the optional arguments:

  • -h, --help to show help
  • -height or --height to change Canvas height
  • -width or --width to change Canvas width
  • -size or --size to change the size of the cells

Example: python --size 5 (this will make the size of the cells smaller -> default size = 10)

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