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migrations wont run with slim scrooge installed #16

activestylus opened this Issue · 6 comments

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If I drop and migrate a db from scratch, the rake task runs with no errors but you dont see the usual spill of data as tables are created. Sure enough no tables are created. I even ran rake db:migrate VERSION=001 and it told me migration 1 could not be found. It's almost like Rails doesn't see my migrations.

After an hour of frustration I commented out slimscrooge in my gemfile, rebundled and the migrations worked fine. Pretty serious bug


What version of Rails are you running that still uses "001" as a migration version?


Actually Im on Rails 3.0.5 and if I'm working a project alone I dont need those annoying timestamps, so I just pop into application.rb and:

config.active_record.timestamped_migrations = false

the same thing is happening to me (Rails 3.0.7). Any fixes?


When I use slim_scrooge and deploy to the heroku cedar stack, I can't run any rake tasks any longer.

Going to the console and running rake -T gave me a clue: the current path is actually inside the slim_scrooge gem... I have no clue what's going on, but I removed slim_scrooge faster than quick, and got my rake tasks back.

Just something to be aware of if you're deploying with slim_scrooge (to heroku cedar at least).


This is because you are doing Dir.chdir in to run the rake task.


Thanks so much to the engineyard folks for pointing out the exact problem!

@sdsykes sdsykes closed this issue from a commit
Adam Holt Use a block with chdir, as this will restore the original working dir…
…ectory after the command has been executed.

Fixes #16
@sdsykes sdsykes closed this in fd8398d
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