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Slim launcher

All you need is less.

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A minimalist launcher that only allows you to use fewer apps on your device.



1. Create an issue with suggestions for what to change, or do so yourself. Within the scope of what the app is, features will be added in the next release following friendly discussion.

2. Help is needed anywhere you see fit, please do.

Code reviews/new PRs etc

3. I think anyone can contribute, at least, not even writing a single line of code, any open pull request is open for discussion. If you want to submit a new pull request, open an issue for it, if it doesn't exist already. When I'm working on something big (new features maybe), I'll probably have a PR for it. If you want to help me out, you can create a pull request against that feature branch, I'd appreciate that a lot. Also I'm working on v3.0 and I think it'll be cool to collaborate with strangers on it :)

Running/Writing tests

  • Unit tests use robolectric to run tests on the VM and it currently works with Java11 for me and does not work with anything below that. The project though doesn't complain about the jdk version you're using as far as project development is concerned. The point of reintroducing tests to the project is to make sure that there's less brittle parts around the app as more and more tests are added. When submitting a PR, for now you don't really have to write unit tests or anything but if you can, please do, but existing tests should not be removed just to pass the build once hooked up to the CI.

4. Sign up as a tester to help access any implementations that make it to the beta channel. Your opinion is very valuable and affects thousands of users.

Buy me a coffee

5. Motivation to work on this app comes from the great feedback I receive from the reviews on the Play Store and the e-mails. That someone out there noticed the little effort that I put into it gives me all the drive I need to type away at it time and time again.

6. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the project and my growth as a developer and a maintainer.

Thank you for your time