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A couple of tests used during job interviews
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Frontent tests

Some tough tests for assessing the skills of a frontend developer.

How to use

This is an XWiki application, so it requires a running XWiki instance.

To build it, you need Apache Maven. Once mvn is available, simply run mvn clean install to obtain a XAR file in the target subdirectory: target/xwiki-application-frontend-test.xar

This XAR can then be imported in a running XWiki.


An index of all the tests is available from the homepage of the Test space.

There are several categories of tests:

CSS tests

All of the tests involve writing CSS code. Each test contains a description of the test, followed by one of the following:

  • an image for depicting the expected result
  • a link to edit the CSS code
  • the HTML source code that needs to be styled
  • the actual HTML that will have the edited CSS applied

JavaScript tests

Most tests involve analyzing one or more snippets of JS code, predicting the outcome of running that code, and explaining why that outcome occurs. Each such test contains:

  • a question
  • one or more JS snippets

The final two tests involve analyzing a full JS source file, explaining that code, and writing a short snippet that uses those widgets in a meaningful way. These tests contain:

  • a link to an external resource
  • a task
  • a link to edit the JS code
  • an eventual HTML code that acts as the target for the JS code

Velocity tests

These test the ability to work with a very simple, but most probably unknown programming language. They contain an easy task, implementing an algorithm in Velocity. As usual, they contain a link to edit the code, and reloading the document will print the outcome of running the script.

The last test is more complex and involves using XWiki APIs.

XML tests

Theoretical questions about XML concepts and libraries, XPath and XSLT.

Logic tests

A few logic tests, plus statistics and probabilities.

Support tests

These are much easier tests that can be used for candidates for support positions. Domains include Java, CSS, JavaScript, plus general web architecture and support procedures.

Design tests

A couple of design tasks that should be given as a homework.

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